Despite the fact that Lebanon has a comparative advantage in the Region due to its relative richness in water, the country still suffers from desertification and severe degradation of its land and water resources. This is due to a combination of climatic factors and a long history of poorly planned human activities including chaotic urbanization, poor farming practices, deforestation and overgrazing.

National Action Program to Combat Desertification

Lebanon ratified the CCD in December 1995 and developed its National Action Program to Combat Desertification in 2003 with joint support from the Programme and GTZ (German Technical Cooperation). The NAP includes strategic and technical recommendations for halting/alleviating the impact of desertification through a long-term programme to address the root causes of dryland degradation. Assessments of the nature of land degradation, its extent and severity as well as its direct and indirect causes were compiled and mapped, leading to the elaboration of a map for "Desertification Prone Areas". Priority actions were defined as follows: 1) Actions which promote an enabling environment at the national level (legislative and institutional framework, land use planning and socio-economic priorities); and 2) Actions needed in the various sectors (water, agriculture, forests, rangelands, etc.).  

Programme Support

The Programme is supporting national efforts towards UNCCD implementation and drylands development, specifically through the initiatives below:

Elaboration of the National Action Program (NAP) to Combat Desertification


Rural Dryland Development through Innovative Market Approaches, Financing Strategies and Local Initiatives for UNCCD Implementation


Medicinal Plants from the Drylands - Academic Collaboration between the American University of Beirut and the University of Helsinki


Support to the project "Flood Risk Management and Water Harvesting for Livelihood Recovery in Baalback-Hermel"

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